The nervous fLirts Starring...

Matt - Guitars and Singing Guy

Matt is the pretty boy of the band. He's spent many years on the road, trying to make it big with original music. He has a garage full of CD's he'll sell you if you're interested. Cheap. Like Borscht.

Musical Influences - Split Enz/Neil Finn, The Beatles, Mike

Mike - Bass and Talking

​Mike is the least musically talented of the group, but makes up for it as the technical brains behind the operation. He knows how to turn on both his laptop and his ipad.

Musical Influences - Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Deep Purple, Queens Of The Stoneage, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Dr Hook, The Blues Brothers, Boris T. Blackwood, Elvis, James Brown, The Band, The Kinks, King Crimson, Nirvana, Rush, The Foo Fighters, Slade, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Souljah Fyah, Abba, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac

Boris - Drums

Boris is the sex symbol of the band. Girls can't resist him. It's embarrassing really. This is why we offer the "Duo" package. He has been barred from some venues for being too sexy.

Musical Influences - Anything that Matt & Mike like

Candice - Singer GIrl

​Candice told us that she wanted to sing with us, so we said "OK". We know she's sang with a lot of people, and quite frankly not sure why she chose us, but we're going with it, trying not to jinx it.

Musical Influences - We're not sure, we never asked.

Davie - OTHER Guitar Guy

Davie is the newest, yet oldest member of the band. He has the best collection of Dad jokes available, which is why he doesn’t get a microphone.

Musical influences - Van Halen and other annoying guitar god type people.